Looking for a new challenge? Want to get healthy and active? Keen to meet more friends or spend quality time with your partner – and wondering which sport fits the bill? Golf offers all these benefits and more. It’s such an adaptable sport that it suits all players, whatever their age, fitness level or ability. One of the most sociable sports ever invented, when you play golf you can enjoy a chat between holes, a glass of wine in the clubhouse and access to some of the most beautiful locations. So whether you want to keep healthy with regular exercise in the fresh air, burn calories by walking around 4-5 miles every round or spend time with friends, golf is for you. 


Informative and fun, our training is for golfers of all abilities – we teach top players as well as introduce new players just starting out. Our training professionals do not teach an individual style of swing or methodology, we simply work with your ability and help improve on where your weaknesses lie. There are many different types of golf swing on the tour, each work for that specific player – we aim to do the same with you, nothing extreme or radical, just something that works for you, your time and your ability. On top of this you will find your instructor will make the learning process easy and fun.


Our juniors continue to go from strength to strength with now two teams in the Bradford Junior Leagues. Our Professionals put in a huge amount of time, effort and patience into running coaching sessions in the school holidays and on Sunday afternoons. We have a junior development course with competitions on holes 1-7 for those new to the game after training on Sunday afternoons.  There is a popular Adult Junior pairs competition in August each year. England golf have a very informative newsletter with a lot of information and tips for juniors wanting to play golf.


Would you like to join our club as a social member? We have a healthy social calendar and a wonderful venue for lunch, maybe after a walk around the estate. Please see social subscription fees below.


All membership enquiries to be directed to the Secretary. Please email or call 01274 562436 – Thank you.


7 Day | £1019.00

6 Day | £900.00

5 Day | £744.00

2 Day CASC | £480.00

7 Day Senior Loyalty | £916.00

6 Day Senior Loyalty | £812.00

5 Day Senior Loyalty | £671.00

Flexible 4-Day £500 until March 31st 2021

Intermediate (29) | £869.00

Intermediate (27-28) | £718.00

Intermediate (25-26) | £577.00

Intermediate (23-24) | £421.00

Intermediate (21-22) | £292.00

Intermediate (19-20) | £250.00

Junior (17-18) | £193.00

Junior (0-16) | £94.00

Student | £150.00

Country | £322.00

Social Single | £60.00

Social Couple | £65.00

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